The Second Advent by John Hoffman

The Second Advent (Reproduction) Oil 26"x16" $100.00 Available The Second Advent

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Welcome to The Oasis Place

Greetings! We are glad you came to see us. Yes, it is a great time of trouble in the earth. Today as we face a great darkness across the land, Jesus has what you MUST HAVE.

There is hope, freedom and love in Him for you. Jesus wants to deliver you and bring you freedom.

We are in a time of great spiritual conflict for the souls of every person in the world. I have often said, Life is spiritual warfare.

Much of the church is under demonic influence and does not know it. Yet, the Word of God says we are not to be ignorant of Lucifer's devices. Are you?

It is time for you to get educated in this area! And, it is time for the confusion and darkness to leave. It is IMPERATIVE that we all become clear headed and remove the fog and the clutter from our lives. It is time for a more REAL peace. It is time to get stirred up in Jesus and full of the Holy Spirit Fire within. It is time that you become a formidable threat to the enemy.

So, welcome to the website of the Oasis Church and Overcoming Life Ministries. A church that covers and teaches all areas of the Christian Life as well as a ministry that specializes in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance for the children of God.

We offer regular church services, deliverance sessions (both private and in meetings) We also hold seminars/conferences. You may wish to travel to Montana for a private session. We also travel and teach on deliverance and spiritual warfare.

  • Personal deliverance ministry
  • Curses broken
  • Spiritual darkness dispelled
  • Spiritual combat training
  • Poverty curses broken
  • Authority over darkness
  • Daily spiritual warfare
  • Life after demons
  • How demons enter
  • Witchcraft
  • Exposing the enemy
  • Freedom from confusion
  • Healing
  • Special Powerful Prayers
  • Houses with poltergeists/cleansed
  • Generational bondages
  • Yokes broken
  • Familiar spirits
  • Demonic assignments Cancelled
  • Healing & deliverance
  • How to stay free from spirits
  • How to become a deliverance minister
  • Apprentice program
  • Inherited spirits
  • Restoration
  • Mass deliverance
  • Renunciations Mind clearing
    And so much more . . .

We are here to help you to become a whole person in Christ Jesus!

Who needs deliverance? Everyone. We have never met a person who did not need at least some ministry in these areas. Why? Because of sin.

So we encourage you to press into spiritual freedom. Take advantage of our store and get our material. Many have received deliverance by just listening to the tapes on deliverance, and the live deliverance sessions on some of them.

We have been ministering deliverance for over 28 years.




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